How to blog consistently in 30 min per day or less

The complete guide to help you scale your content production and get better ROI by adding curated content to your website or blog.

how-to-blog-consistently-in-30-min-per-day-or-less-scoop-it-final-LP-ipad.jpgBlogging is no longer an option if you want your company to be found online. Issue is, creating good content is time consuming, it requires specific skills and resources, and without inspiration there simply is no content.


And most marketers don't have all of that. In fact, for 60% of marketers, creating engaging content remains their #1 challenge.  

But we have a technique: content curation. And we created an eBook to help marketers blog in less than 30 minutes per day. Download the free eBook and find out: 

- Why publishing consistently matters.

- How to add curated content to your blog in the right way.

- The best technique to write highly effective curated posts.

- The ROI of scaling your blog through content curation.

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