ROI or RIP: the complete content marketing handbook for SMBs

Everything you should know to be a successful content marketer. Learn from 15 experts and 5 years of data

roi-or-rip-the-content-marketing-handbook-for-smbs-scoop-it-final-ipad-small.jpg"The SMB market needs this badly, so I'm very happy to see come to the rescue." - Paul Chaney, Chaney Marketing Group

Some say content marketing is only for people with deep pockets, and that short of creating Star Wars, you'll struggle to make an impact. We disagree.

The purpose of this eBook is to provide a helping hand for those who are looking to find ROI with their content marketing. By reading it, you'll get: 

  • A deep understanding of each component of content marketing.
  • A set of 30 effective techniques to succeed at every stage of the content marketing lifecycle.
  • Valuable insights from 10+ of the best content marketing influencers.

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Download the free eBook now!

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Robert Rose
Content Marketing Institute

"Great content marketing creates value that is separate and distinct from the product or service being marketed."

Jason Miller

"Find a balance between creating your own content and curating the content of thought leaders in your space."

Lee Odden
Top Rank Marketing

"Co-creating useful content with your community incentivizes useful participation, engagement and promotion."