How to design a content strategy that generates leads from day one

A 20-minute actionable webinar to set you up for content marketing ROI.

About the Webinar

Many marketers are being told that they need to go step by step with content marketing: first generate content, then slowly build an audience and eventually - if everything goes right - start generating conversions and leads. 

But with the right methodology, you can design a strategy that will not just help you build the right audience but drive conversions from the very beginning. 

Join us on Tuesday, March 28th at 10am PST and let us walk you through the different steps of an effective content marketing strategy.

In 20 minutes, we’ll cover:

  • The role of buyer personas and customer journeys in designing a content strategy,
  • What a content plan is and how to build one that aligns with your marketing funnel
  • How to organize your content infrastructure to generate qualified traffic that converts
  • Actionable recommendations so you can start designing your own content strategy in no time.

If you are starting with content marketing, rebuilding your strategy or having a hard time generating results from lead generation, this webinar is for you.

Are you ready to create content that converts?


About the Speaker

guillaume_decugis_-_head_shot.jpgGuillaume Decugis, Co-Founder & CEO -

"Guillaume’s vision guides the development of, the content marketing automation platform. An engineer turned-marketer, Guillaume has experimented a lot with content marketing and developed the lean content marketing methodology as a way to help marketers generate ROI with content."

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