Is less more in content marketing?      A data-driven answer


About the Webinar

If you read content marketing blogs, many of them will recommend to focus on quality and not on quantity. The mantra is: less is more.

With the acquisition of by the global social intelligence leader: Linkfluence, we had the opportunity to contribute new data to this debate, we analyzed what 16 of the top content marketing blogs produced over the past year related to content marketing.

And we looked for an answer to this question:

Which of the top content marketing blogs are successfully applying a “less is more” content strategy consisting in producing a low volume of outstanding content that delivers exceptional results?

If you want to know the answer, watch the replay of our webinar! Guillaume Decugis, CEO of and Linkfluence, shows how he leveraged data-driven insights to bring a new perspective to the debate.

About the Speaker

Guillaume Decugis, CEO -

"Guillaume’s vision guides the development of, the content curation platform for audience engagement. An engineer turned-marketer, Guillaume has experimented a lot with content marketing and developed the lean content marketing methodology as a way to help marketers generate ROI with content."

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